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Web analytics is an essential part of any digital marketing program. Web analytics provides the visibility into key metrics and key performance indicators allowing the return on your marketing investment to be measured, evaluated and maximized. Google Analytics is an excellent platform that we utilize to provide the raw materials for this insight. In addition to providing advanced dashboards and reporting, we work with our clients to identify the metrics most important to the success of the business and setup the analytics environment with a focus on the most relevant KPIs for our client's business.

Web Analytics

Gain business insight and improve performance with our Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics: Our Services

Clients are sometimes surprised to see hard data that clearly identifies what is "working" on their website and campaigns and what is "not working". Our Web Analytics services provide exactly this type of insight. These services allow the performance of digital marketing campaigns to be measured, thus enabling campaigns to be fine-tuned and optimized for maximum ROI. The performance analytics allow marketing budgets to be adjusted to expand effective initiatives and eliminate those campaigns that are underperforming. This insight allows us to maximize our client's marketing budget and identify the channels that drive the most traffic to their website, which visitor segments have greatest conversion potential, and which profiles to target for expanded marketing campaigns.

These Web Analytics services have helped us provide visibility into website performance, improve digital marketing performance, and provide actionable insight to expand sales:

  • Setup Google Analytics environment to enable actionable insight
  • Campaign & website performance measurement
  • Define and measure KPIs with Google Analytics management reports and dashboards
  • Analyze visitor behavior, visitor segments, conversions, popularity of content, traffic sources and many other metrics
  • Analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness and campaign ROI
  • Measure and analyze site and campaign performance
  • Designed experiment marketing with A/B tests

Web Analytics: Your Benefits

Our clients benefit from clear insight into website performance and marketing campaign ROI with Aspen Digital Solution's Web Analytics services. Benefits our customers have realized include:

  • Understand website visitor behavior & highest potential visitor segments
  • Quantify campaign effectiveness & campaign ROI
  • Maximize campaign performance
  • Prune underperforming campaigns
  • Expand top performing campaigns
  • Measure conversions & improve conversion funnel
  • Run trial campaigns and trial landing pages for designed experimental marketing decisions